VICE CHAIRMAN– Mr. Rashed Qassim Sultan (UAE National)

A Graduate from University of Maryland in Urban Studies, Mr. Rashed Qassim Sultan joined the Sultan Group in 1988. He is a member of Conference Board (N.Y.), was the chairman of the Technical committee of the UAE Contractors Association and Board Member of the Arab Chamber for the Arbitration.

CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER– Mr. Jamal Qassim Sultan (UAE National)

Studied Computer Information Systems at the Universities of George Washington and South Carolina, Mr. Jamal Qassim Sultan joined as Chief Operating Officer in 1998. Mr. Jamal is currently the General Secretary of the UAE Contractors Association. He is also a lecturer at the Dubai Technology College.

GENERAL MANAGER – Mr. Yousuf Allabux (Indian National)

Graduated in Mechanical Engineering from Mumbai University, he bears 25 years of practical expertise in management of steel business. Mr. Yousuf has won many awards in business management and business leadership.

SALES & TECHNICAL MANAGER- Mr. Abraham Mathew (Indian National)

A graduate in Civil Engineering from Kerala University in India, Mr. Mathew heads a team of six detailers and is responsible for compilation and submittal of bar bending schedules and shop drawings.

FINANCE MANAGER – Mr. Achan Kunju Geevarghese (Indian National)

Graduate in Commerce from University of Kerala and Master Degree from University of Rajasthan in India. Mr. Varghese got awarded of Bachelor of Business Administration by regionally accredited colleges and universities in United States of America. Mr. Varghese bears 32 years of experience in Finance field.