The cut & bend Facility is controlled by Software from ARIADIS, which produces full Production Optimization and full independent machine down loading. We have a Shear line for cutting the bar to length. There is a Robomaster, which bends all our steel from 16-32mm. Our Coil BE14 & Stematic machine fabricate all the steel from 8, 10,12mm. Material handling inside the factory is controlled by three De-Mag overhead traveling cranes and by a Goliath crane for outside operation.

SteelFab’s high tensile reinforcement steel bar is sourced from “CARES” approved ISO9001 Certified Mills, conforming to the following specifications:

1. B.S. 4449/2005, Grade 500B
2. ASTM A615, Grade 60

We have a full Quality System in operation to ensure complete conformity to the standards stated. Records are maintained in the same format as the U.K. CARES Accreditation and offers full traceability. Wimpey Labs. and M.T.S. carries out all our Independent Testing. After the success of the first 10 years of operation, STEELFAB is confidently looking forward to a prosperous future and to the challenge of supplying a rapidly increasing market.